We no longer need to prove the value of design in business. The challenge is how to embed it in organisations, beyond products and services.

We believe that corporations for good are the next big thing, therefore we run a limited number of short trainings and workshops to help teams and individuals embed a new mindset to foster innovation from within.



Thinking like a designer to learn a new process and approach, tools and methodologies, from empathy to prototyping with real users.

1 day (essentials) or 3 days (immersive)


Designing services that people love, by putting together human, digital, and physical interactions over time to create memorable experiences.

3 days

We teach you what works today, not the fluff around buzzwords or what used to work in the 80's. It's all about learning-by-doing, understanding the approach, tools and methodologies to use in your day-to-day work.



A compressed process to answer critical business questions through design, by prototyping and testing ideas with real users, to launch a product, increase conversion or meet pre-defined KPI's etc.

4 days PLUS for the sprint (workshop)
2 days for the sprint training



We award you with certificates of completion after each training upon successfully meeting the standards set.

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1 to 3 days